Methodist Hall - (Monthly Programs)
50 East King Street
Littlestown, PA 17340
Museum and Welcome Center
2nd Floor - Borough Building

10 South QueenStreet

Littlestown, PA 17340

Incorporated and 501c3 approved.
All donations are tax deductabile.

Littlestown was layed out by
and named for Peter Klein (Little)
A window to the past.
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Littlestown Area Historical Society
Charter Members

Ginger Armacost
Clifton Bittle
Beverly Boyd
Kenneth S. Bucher
Sara E. Childs
Bob Collins
Charles Connolly
Elthea Connolly
Darla Conover
Nadine A. DeVine
Dale Dutterer
Mary E. Ebaugh
Robert Gitt
Soctt W. Godfrey
Gloria Gouker
Roger Gouker
Charity A. Harman
David A. Harman
Tyler D. Harmon
David E. Hoffman
Elaine F. Hoffman
Robert J. Horner
Betty Jakum
Bruce Jakum
Aleta Keck
Robert Keck
Darlene Ketterman
Jack Ketterman
Scott Kohne
Jack Larkin
Molly R. Larkin
Ferree LeFevre

Laverne Leese
Don Lindsey
Shirley Lindsey
Little’s Funeral Home
Evelyn Little
Paul Little
Steward L. Long
James P. Louey
Laverne Louey
Robbie Lowman
Ivan Lufriu
Marlene Lufriu
Nancy McCullough
Fred A. Miller
Terrie Mills
Mark A. Nusbaum
Jill Ozminski
Pat Ozminski
Wayne A. Reinaman
John Rockafellow
Joe Scarselletta
Mary M. Selby
Richard E. Selby
Dr. Kenneth D. Sell
Dwight l. Sheesley
Susan F. Shildt
Doug Simms
Lynn Simms
Donald Snyder
L. Robert Snyder
Steve Snyder
Geraldine Spangler
Robert Spangler
Bruce W. Stair
Paul Staub
Barbara Steele
Roger Steele
Bill Stevens
Yvonne Stevens
Mike Stoops
Jim Strevig
Weesie Strevig
John Study
Lee Ann Study
Olivia Study
Chad D. Thomas
Eileen L.Thomas
Eric B. Thomas
Kenneth Z. Thomas
Alvin Unger
Joan Unger
Joyce Unger
Larry Unger
Washington Restaurant
James W. Waybright
Shirley A. Waybright
Anna Weaver
Clayton Willcox, Esq.
Jim Witt
Marietta Witt
Scott Zanger
Marilyn Zanger
Barb Zumbrum

95 Charter Members




Littlestown Area Historical Society's Programs
50 East King Street, Littlestown, PA 17340
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