Methodist Hall - (Monthly Programs)
50 East King Street
Littlestown, PA 17340
Museum and Welcome Center
2nd Floor - Borough Building

10 South QueenStreet

Littlestown, PA 17340

Incorporated and 501c3 approved.
All donations are tax deductabile.

Littlestown was layed out by
and named for Peter Klein (Little)
A window to the past.
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Littlestown Area Historical Society's
Board of Directors


Class of 2013:
Ivan Lurfiu
Paul Staub
Rev. Dwight Sheesley
Scott Zanger
Class of 2014:
Don Lindsey
Paul Lurk
Fred Miller
Vern Rule

Class of 2015:
Bruce Jakum
Ken Thomas
Joyce Unger
Roger Steele

President -Ivan Lufriu
Vice-President - Bruce Jakum
Secretry - Ken Thomas
Treasurer - Scott Zanger

Records review Committee - Jim Witt, Elaine Hoffman, Marietta Witt
Nominations Committee - Barbara Steele, Marlene Lufriu, Marilyn Zanger


Littlestown Area Historical Society's Programs
50 East King Street, Littlestown, PA 17340
Barts Centenary United Methodist Church's Historic Building