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Littlestown was layed out by
and named for Peter Klein (Little)
A window to the past.
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Toll House on Baltimore Pike
(This house is no longer exist. It was located at was is now 6529 Baltimore Pike. This is the property of Larry Brown, as of July 2008.)

Jack Allen's great-grandmother and her children on the Littlestown-Gettysburg Turnpike.
(Information provided by Jack Allen)

The lady's name is Annie M. Grau (nee Grossman). She was married to Peter Grau. He was the toll collector on the Baltimore Turnpike. Peter is absent from the picture because he died in 1897 at age 39 from Typhoid Fever, leaving a wife, teenage daughters, and a pre-teen son - who appear in the picture. I believe she continued to collect the poll after Peter's death. She then died in 1924.

I am not sure if this is the same order as they appear in the picture, however, the children are:

1. Emma Grau - who married Henry McCarthy of New York; and later lived in NYC.

2. Genevieve M. Grau (my grandmother); who married Charles E. Dougherty of McSherrystown. Genevieve and Charles then moved to Baltimore and later lived in York.

3. Annie C. Grau, who married Claude McCann of McSherrystown. For a short time they lived in Warren, PA but moved back to Littlestown. Annie died in 1924 at age 30 from typhoid. Her children were Myrna McCann and Joseph E. McCann.

4. M. Katherine Grau, who never married, and who moved to Baltimore and later New York city.

5. Sarah A. Grau, who married John Bittinger Sr. They lived in Littlestown. They were the parents of John Bittinger Jr, and Anna Bittinger who lived along South Queen Street in Littlestown all their lives.

6. John Edward Grau, a.k.a.: J. Edward Grau or "Ed." He married Elizabeth Sanders of Fairfield. He was a plant manager of Shriver Canning Co. for a time. After being laid off during the Great Depression era, he ultimately found employment managing a canning company in the Geneva, New York area.
Before working for Shriver's, J. Edward was business partners in Grau Brother's Bakery with his half-brother, Charles A. Grau, Littlestown, PA. I have an old photo of a horse-drawn wagon with "Grau Bros Bakery" printed on the side. The wagon is situated outside someone's home, which I presume is in Littlestown. The man who is in the wagon is either Charles Grau, or J. Edward Grau.

Peter and Annie, and also the above children, were married at St. Aloysius Church (except Katherine who remained single).

All the above except Emma and Genevieve, are buried in St. Aloysius Cemetery in the Grau plot.





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