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Littlestown was layed out by
and named for Peter Klein (Little)
A window to the past.
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Industries from the Past

Carriage and Wagon manufacturers and dealers for Littlestown listed at
Carriage Museum of America
Blocher Thad S. (light, wagon, also dealer), Littlestown
Hesson Frank D. (repairer), Littlestown
Lippy E. H. & Son (farm wagon dealers), Littlestown
Metering S. D. (light, also dealer), Littlestown
Riffle George W. (dealer), Littlestown
Spauldin J. D. (light), Littlestown
Stover W. P. (repairer), Littlestown
“Dutch Picnic Centennial in 1951”
Much attention was attracted by Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Roop, who arrived at the grounds during the afternoon in a smart carriage with horse. They had driven from New Windsor in a carriage made in Littlestown, Pa., in 1909, by T. S. Blocher’s Sons. The original price of the carriage was $150.





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