Methodist Hall - (Monthly Programs)
50 East King Street
Littlestown, PA 17340
Museum and Welcome Center
2nd Floor - Bourgh Building

10 South QueenStreet

Littlestown, PA 17340

Incorporated and 501c3 approved.
All donations are tax deductabile.

Littlestown was layed out by
and named for Peter Klien (Little)
A window to the past.
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What Historic Items are we looking for?
We are looking for anything that is connected with the history of the Littlestown area. This would include, books, pictures, documents, old marriage licenses, family trees, deeds, ledgers, products, sale promotions, equipment, bicentennial souvenirs, drawings, maps, etc. If you have pictures, we would ask that you have those in the picture identified. All items will be cataloged and stored in protective acid free containers, or displayed in a protective manner to ensure that the items are preserved. The person making the donation will be noted. We will not make appraisal of value. All Items donated may be claimed as a donation to Charity. We have our 501c3 Charity status, which measn you can claim donations as a tax deduction. If you would like to donate an item contact any LAHS board member.

Other items we need:
We are also in need of items for the purpose of the society. We will need a good color copier/printer, high res. scanner, a library table and chairs. We need small display cases to display items. We need shelving. We need acid free containers for the storage of paper items.We could also use the donation of funds for the previously listed items and for restoration of items.We need fire proof cabinets. We also need a building for the storage of large items that we receive. We have been offered several large items and had to turn them down, since we have no where to store these items. We have a facility for the storage of documents and small items. We have our 501c3 status approved by the IRS and any item you donate will be tax deductible.

Please Note: All Items donated become the property of the Littlestown Area Historical Society, giving us the right to use these items in the best interest of the society. This means that if we recive items that are not related to the history of our area we may dispose of these items in what ever way is beneficial to the soiety. If we receive more than one of a particular item we may sell this item to raise funds to purchase items need for the work of the society.




Littlestown Area Historical Society's Programs
50 East King Street, Littlestown, PA 17340
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