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Littlestown was layed out by
and named for Peter Klien (Little)
A window to the past.
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History of Recreational Areas in Littlestown

Crouse Park - Playground - Memorail Field - McSherry Field - Community Pool - YMCA


Crouse Park

Crouse Park was laid out in 1913 by I.H. Crouse who made it a gift to the borough.

James and Marietta Weikert Witt in Crouse Park during the Bicentennial Celebration

Crouse Park was refurbished for the Bicentennial

The first step toward increasing the scenic beauty and value of the ‘old town’ was the addition known as Crouse Park. This was laid out and certain improvements made in 1913 by I. H . Crouse, who then made a gift of it to the Borough. His daughters, Marie, and Esther (Mackley) planted the first tree there. The central pavilion was built by an interested group of citizens, lead by Ephriam Stravely, I. H. Crouse and W. R. Jones. Summer festivals were held to raise money to help pay for the pavilion and other improvemnets brought about by this group. Open air services were held on Sunday evenings during the summer months. For many years the grass was mowed, the flower beds planted and weeded, and upkeep in general was done by the citizens whose property adjoined the Park., without pay, because they took pride in its appearance. Every day, one of the residences of Crouse Park raises a flag (when the weather permits to show their public-spirited loyalty. The Claude Wintrode’s have taken care of this for many years. In the early 1940's the Borough Fathers accepted responsibility of paying off the remaining dept of $1289.61 and for the general maintenance of Crouse Park.



The Playground was established by the Littlestown Community Welfare Association in 1919, and was deeded to the borough in 1939.

In 1919, a group of civic minded citizens interested in improvements organized the Littlestown Community Welfare Association and elected the Rev. Milton Whitener as its first president. They purchased approximately four acres of ground from Henry Spalding and immediately started to improve it for a playground. Along Maple Avenue, then an alley, were placed the swings, sliding board, see-saws, the sand box and other equipment for the smaller children. Two paved tennis courts, a softball and baseball diamond and the larger play area were provided for everyone.

The playground was deeded to the Borough in 1939 and was for a time maintained by the school district. For many years, everything happened at the playground: the softball games, the baseball games, the carnivals, by the Fish and Game Association in June, th American Legion in July, and the Fire Company in August. The Bicentennial Carnival took place at this same location.

Clayton L. Evans was supervisor of the public playground during the months of June, July and August for a number of years, beginning in 1946 when the play director was on duty from 1 PM until dark, five days a week. There were supervised play activities with the children divided into age groups. Mary K. Crouse Sentz joined Mr. Evans for several summers before the program was discontinued, and there were both morning and afternoon hours. With hat shows, pet shows, animal shows, and all types of arts and crafts enjoyed by the children. Friday was contest day.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Baord of Education combined to form the playground committee.


Memorial Field

Memorial Field was added in 1948.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Baord of Education combined to form the playground committee. A later addition to promote and facilitate athletic events has been named th4e Littlestown Memorial Field, and was the site for the Bicentennial Pageant. In 1948 the Littionian Shoe Company purchased the plot of ground consisting of slightly over five acres and developed the field, appropriately named in honor of the men and women of the community who have served in the Armed Forces, as a reminder of their patriotic devotion to our community. Subsequently the ground including a small portion which was an outright gift from I.H. Crouse & Sons, was given by Luther W. Ritter to the Littlestown School Board. Full title to all improvements, most of which were financed by community activities and final payment from the Littlestown Joint School Board, concluded this development, adding a major recreation center to the public school program. The field is completely enclosed with cyclone fence, equipped for night baseball, football, and other events.

McSherry Field

McSherry Field, for Little League Baseball, was dedicated in 1958. The ground which encompasses the field was the gift of Thomas C. And Grace McSherry, who attended dedication ceremonies. The agreement states that the area is to remain the property of Little League as long as there is such a thing, and if it should die out, the property is to continue to be a recreation area.


Community Pool

The Littlestown Community Pool was constructed in 1968.
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The Littlestown YMCA came to the Littlestown Community in 1993. This facility is a branch of the Hanover YMCA.
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