Littlestown High School Class of 1958

Lunch Bunch

Class of ’58

LHS ’58 “Lunch Bunch” began sometime during the winter months of November-December 2007. Joyce Barnes-Snyder with husband, Albert, and John Groft began to meet monthly to recall childhood memories. As each month progressed, we saw the need to expand to other Class ’58 mates and quickly became “Our Lunch Bunch.” In the above photo, front- Neil and Arlene Franks-Justice, Maxine Rhinehart-Corbin and Evelyn Breighner-Ganas. Back - Randall Shoemaker, Judy Ruggles-Miller, Joyce Yealy-Shoemaker, Carole Sponsellor-Mummert, Faye Daley-Cochran, John Groft, Connie Boyd-Bankert-and Grove Bankert. Others who have joined us yet unable to be with us at McClellan’s, are Ruth Koontz-Rucker, Verna Koontz-Rexroth, Ned and Sally Little, Donna Reaver-Brenneman, Wayne and Diane Reinaman, Mary Ritter-Hurley and husband Bill, Sandy Shadle-Toms, and Don Snyder.

Our Lunch Bunch eat “Dutch Treat,” usually at restaurants within a short drive of Littlestown. We also have been hosted by Evelyn, Arlene, and Larry Hawk at their homes for absolutely fabulous patio-parties, whereas each of us bring a covered dish to pass. Needless to say, the food is an epicurean delight. Of course we eat healthy!!

Monthly notification is by email or word spreads via personal contact. All Class of ‘58 members and their spouse/significant-other are always invited. Our camaraderie and group support is truly awesome. We are sure you will want to return as a member of our Lunch Bunch. If you would like more information, call John 717-580-7941 or email – Please join us.