Littlestown High School Class of 1958

Class Picture - Fourth Grade


Fourth Grade

Front Row: (Left to right)
Douglas Leatherman, Wayne Miller, Carl Herr, John Groft, Connie Boyd, Mary Ritter

Second Row: (Left to Right)
Donna Weaver, Shirley Hoff, (?), Judy Ruggles, Wanda Pettyjohn

Third Row: (Left to Right)
Faye Daley, Larry Kline, Carolyn Brown, Paul Snyder, Barbara Crouse

Fourth Row: (Left to Right)

Sandy Shadle, Jean Krout, Billy Renner, Robert Blevins, Gloria Burgoon, Kenneth Bucher

Fifth Row: (Left to Right)
Mrs. Myrtle Manchey, Larry White, Mark Raber, Donald Sell