Littlestown High School Class of 1958

Sixth Grade Promotion Exercises Program


Sixth Grade Promotion Exercises Program



Candle Lighters -----------------------------------------Mary Ritter
John Groft

Invocational-----------------------------Rev. C. Howard Koons
Star Light-------------------------------------------Gloria Burgoon
Brenda Worley
Sixth Grade Chorus-----------------------------Barbara Crouse
    Carolyn Brown
Marlene Crabbs
  Larry Hawk
Judy Ruggles
Jessie Sheeley
Hitch Your Wagon To A Star-----------------------------Ned Little
Harold Flickinger
Saxaphone Solo--------------------------------Wanda Pettijohn
Presentation *of* The *American *Legion *Auxiliary *Award
    by Mrs. W.B. Mackley, President
Presentation *of* The *American *Legion *Award
    by John Warehime, Commander
Address------------------------------------Dr. Marsby C. Little
  Superitendent of Schools
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Class Song----------------------------Lyrics by Brenda Worley
When They Saw The Star---------------John H. Riley, Principal
Presentation of Diplomas------------------Charles T. Raffensperger
Assistant County Superintendent of Schools
Follow The Gleam------------------------------by The Class



Anthony, Patricia K.   Krout, Jean E.
Barnes, Joyce   Leatherman, Douglas D.
Baumgardner, Betty J.   Lippy, Charmaine E.
Berwager, Kenneth L.   Little, Ned A.
Blevins, Robert J.   Miller, Wayne R.
Boyd, Connie F.   Mundorff, Betty L.
Breighner, Evelyn Ann   Myers, Kenneth E.
Brown, Carolyn A.   Pettyjohn, Wanda L.
Brown, Marvin E.   Phillips, Stewart J.
Bucher, Kenneth S.   Pottorff, Carl H.
Burgoon, Gloria E.   Reaver,Donna M.
Cluck, Dennis C.   Renner, William F.
Crabbs, Marlene N.   Reinaman, Wayne A.
Crouse, Barbara Alice   Riffle, Hilda I.
Crouse, Susan A.   Ritter, Mary L.
Daley, Faye D.   Rucker, Frances M.
Doss, Mary E.   Ruggles, Judy A.
Flickinger, Harold W.   Sell, Donald P.
Franks, Arlene M.   Sell, Homer R.
Gebhart, Fred L.   Sheeley, W. Jesse
Good, John A.   Sheeley, Larry E.
Groft, John A.   Smiley, Larry E.
Hake, Mary L.   Smith, Alvin W.
Harrison, Helen C.   Snyder, Donald L.
Hawk, J. Larry   Sndyer, Paul L., Deceased
Herr, Carl E.     December 2, 1951
Hess, Mary E.   Speelman, Carole M.
Hilker, Phyllis M.   Sponseller, Carole M.
Hoff, Shirley   Wintrode,Nevin L.
Kaiser, Spurgeon C.   White, Larry W.
Koontz, Ruth A.   Worley, Brenda J.
Yealy, Joyce A.
Yohn, Lawrence R.



John K. Riley, Principal
Margaret Lohr
James Rhoades
Joan C. Wilt
Rodney L. Law


Class Song - Tune of "Yuld Lang Syne"
  Lyrics by Brenda Worley
  Accompanist Evelyn Breigner

We'll ner' forget the dear sixth grade, xxxxxxxxxx
  When we're all through school  
Sometimes a small mistake we've made,  
  Or broke the Golden Rule.  
To Mrs. Lohr and Mr. Rhoades  
  We owe a lot of credit  
As long as we live  
  We'll never forget it.  
We'll look back through the years  
  When we are old and grey  
And think about the things we did  
  When we were young and grey.  

Flowers presented by the class in memoery of
Paul L. Snyder