Littlestown High School Class of 1997
Littlestown High School
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Senior Awards and Scholarships


Academic - Rebecca L. Frederick
Art - Jessica A. Tatum
Pottery - Chad D. Masemer
English - Andrea L. Eader
History - Jeremy F. Boback
Science - Rebecca L. Frederick
Bausch and Lomb Science - Rebecca L. Frederick
Math - Rebecca L. Frederick
Business - Brandi M. Crabbs
Marketing Education - Hamony G. Urban
Foreign Language - Spanish - Jessica A. Tatum
French - Rebecca L. Frederick
Home Economics - Crystal E. Ginter
Wood - Chad L. Yingling
Metal - Tim C. Chrismer, Jr.
Graphic Arts - Rebecca A. Reedy
Drafting - Bryan L. Christ and Christopher Chad Negley
Dekalb Agriculture - Michael A. Golden
Horticulture - Jennifer L. Dehoff
Band - Anthony D. Oaster
Chorus - Jennifer L. Dehoff
American Legion Citizenship - Andrea L. Eader and Jeremy F. Boback
Presidential Education Fitness - Jeremy F. Boback, Rachel A. Crabbs,
Jennifer L. Dehoff, Andrea L. Eader, Rebecca L. Frederick, Adam C. Hawk,
Christopher Chad Negley, Steven M. Neiderer, Danielle M. Seibert, Jessica A. Tatum
Athletic - Holly R. Gartrell and Casey W. Dell


Littlestown Education Association Scholarship - Rachael A. DiIulio
John Maitland Memorial Scholarship - Jennifer L. Dehoff
Junior Women's Club Margie Morelock Scholarship - Jeremy N. Hale
Dr. George W. Stoner Scholarship - Amber N. Hall
Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarship - Rachel A. Crabbs and Rachael A. DiIulio
Bolt Booster Club Scholarship - Jamie A. Weaver and Erick J. Sentz
Jennifer Koons Memorial Scholarship - Jennifer L. Dehoff
Benji Hartlaub Memorial Scholarship - Rebecca A. Reedy and Casey W. Dell
Rotary Scholarship - Andrea L. Eader and Adam C. Hawk
Boyd/Brown Scholarship - Andrea L. Eader
Academic Booster Scholarship - Rebecca L. Frederick and Danielle M. Seibert
Neal Lippy Scholarship - Danielle M. Seibert


Sarah S. Bast
Beth A. Baumgardner
Jeremy F. Boback
Bryan L. Christ
Rachel A. Crabbs
Jennifer L. Dehoff
Jennifer M. Dutterer
Andrea L. Eader

Rebecca L. Frederick
Micahel A. Frey
Adam C. Hawk
Amanda L. Hayes
Christine L. Jenkins
Christopher D. Klunk
Christopher C. Negley
Steve M. Neiderer
Rebecca A. Reedy
Andrew R. Rucker
Danielle M. Seibert
Jennifer L. Sentz
Kimberly S. Smith
Kristy L. Smith
Jessica A. Tatum
Michelle J. Wilson




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