Littlestown Ministerium

April 8, 2015
St Aloysius RCC
Littlestown, PA
1:30 PM

May 13, 2015

Redeemer' UCC
Littlestown, PA
1:30 PM

Littleswtown Ministerium
P. O. Box 31
Littlestown, PA 17349


Clergy & Churches Working Together
For The Glory Of God and All His People

President - Pastor Sterlng Fritz
Vice -President - Pastor Alex Martini
Secretary - Pastor Emilia Riveiro Burdick
Treasurer - Ken Thomas
Chaplain for the Police - Rev. Laura Lee Morgan
Food Pantry Director - Pat Martin

Unity Service

Lenten Breakfasts

Good Friday Cross Walk

Thanksgiving Service

Commuity Wide Service at Crouse Park (250 Celebration)

Historic Church Tours

Together, in Love!

Mission Statement

We are a multi-denominational group of congregations, united to minister to the people of our community, using the Holy Bible as our guide, declaring Jesus Christ as Lord.

Food Pantry

Food Pantry Schedule

(pdf format)

List of Items needed
by the month

(pdf format)

Local Church Events
and Ministerium Events:

The Ministerium sponsored Littlestown Community
Food Pantry
is located at the rear of the new library at
232 North Queen Street.

(Our food pantry is funded through Local Church financial donations, local church food donations, individual donations, local civic organizational donations, a few business grants and government grants - the need continues to grow but the government grants continue to grow smaller.)


Upcoming Services and events:



"Young at Hearts Luncheon"

Young at Heart Luncheons – Still on the first Monday of each month at St. John’s hall. Cost is $8.00 for all you can eat. Anyone AARP age is welcome. Pre-registration is required at least a week in advance. Those interested in coming should call St. John’s to pre-register, or they may stop by the office. (Call 717 359-4825)


Freedom from Smoking Program
More Information Here

Lutheran Social Services of South Centeral Pennsylvania is Asking YOU to join us in Touching the lives of Adams County residencts.
More Information Here

Church participation in the Ministerium

All Christian Churches in the Littlestown area are welcome to participate in the Littlestown Ministerium. The Ministerium meets the Second Wednesday of each month except June, July and August. The meeting place moves around within the churches of the Ministerium. The time is 1:30 PM and is usually over in an hour or less. To find out where the meeting is being held check above. If you have any questions about the Ministerium, contact the President or Secretary of the Ministerium.