What is Prosper?

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Prosper - A Penn State Community Program

(Promoting School/Community-University Partnerships to Enhance Resilience)




Offered to Littlestown Fifth Grade - Eighth Grade Families
Location-Littlestown Middle School

One night a week for seven weeks
No cost to participating families
Free Dinner and Childcare Provided

How is Littlestown Prosper funded?



The next session each Tuesday starting January 27th to March 10th, 2009
6:00PM - Dinner

6:30-8:30PM - Sessions
Child care available
Exercise can strengthen your body...
PROSPER can Strengthen your Family!


1.      Strengthening Families Overview (39 slides)
(Slide show is self running or can be
controlled from tool bar on bottom of
each slide)

2.      SFP Topics for the Seven Weeks

3.      Gettysburg Times Article by Ed Bender May 2003 Phase 1 Evaluation

4.      Hanover Evening Sun Article by Ed Bender October 2003 - Phase 2 Classroom instruction

5.      Hanover Evening Sun Article by Ed Bender March 5, 2006
Littlestown PROSPER follows the blueprints

6.      Advisory Team

7.      Facilitators

8.      Statements from Participants Adults AR* Youth AR*

9.  Registration Form for registration by email


How is Littlestown Prosper funded?


Email registration form


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For more Information about PROSPER Contact Ed Bender


Parenting: The Toughest Job on Earth

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