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Zip Code 17340 Area Code 717 School Code 01520


Adams County

Proprietor :
Peter (Kline) Little

(Kline is German - roughly translate to Little in English)

Town Laid out in 1765
One of the Oldest Towns in Adams County

Known as :
Kline Stedtle
Littles Town
- and finally Littlestown

Peaceful Village
Ode to Littlestown-1965

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Union Township
255 Pine Grove Rd.
Hanover, PA 17331


Union Township Government:
As a township of the second class, the governing body consists of a three (3) member Board of Supervisors, three (3) auditors, all elected at large for six year terms. Township staff consists of a Secretary/Treasurer Assistant Secretary, Sewage Enforcement and Zoning Officers, and Solicitor, all Appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Roads are maintained by a part-time staff of three (3). The Township Supervisors have the role of general supervision and administration of municipal affairs. They serve as the legislative body and perform executive functions, set policy, enact and enforce ordinances and resolutions formulate and adopt budgets, levy taxes, approve expenditures, and hire employees. A seven (7) member Planning Commission has responsibility of planning land use and reviewing plans for building lots and developments. A five (5) member zoning hearing board hears and determines appeals from zoning regulations, decides on special exceptions and authorizes variances from the Township's zoning ordinances. The Union Township Municipal Building at 255 Pine Grove Road is open from 8 AM until noon, Monday -- Friday. The supervisors meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. The Planning Commission meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. The Zoning Hearing Board meets as required. Volunteer opportunities exist for a Recreation Board and Agriculture Preservation Board which are currently being formed.

Road Services:
There are three kinds of roads in Union Township: private, Township, and State. The distinction determine who provides services such as repair of pot holes or snow removal. Private roads are the responsibility of the owner, which may be perpetually in a landowner's hands, or a developer prior to dedication of development roads to the public. State roads are maintained by PennDOT. Seven State roads traverse the township; they are: Bollinger Rd., Christ Church Rd., Hanover Pike (Rt. 194), Hanover Rd (rt. 116), Littlestown Rd., Pine Grove Rd., Sells Station Rd., and White Hall Rd. If you need service to any of the State roads, you should call PennDOT at 334-3155. Most of the roads in Union Township are township roads and are maintained by the township's road crew (with an occasional assist from a supervisor). Services to these roads included repair, snow clearing, removal of debris, and clearing of drainage channels.

A Brief History of Union Township:
Established in 1841, Union Township was formed out of three then existing townships (Germany, Conewago, and Mount Pleasant) and is one of the newest townships in Adams County. A section of land known as Digges' Choice comprises much of the northeastern portion of the township. The long and somewhat tragic border disputes between the Penn's (of Pennsylvania) and the Calvert's (of Maryland) were the cause of the first settlers coming into this section. On this disputed tract, settlers purchased lands from both John Digges and the Penn's. Digges began selling land in "Digges Choice" territory as early as 1731 before the first official survey was completed in 1734. Fighting began when some of the pioneers refused to pay taxes to Maryland, claiming that the territory belonged to the Providence of Pennsylvania. Among the casualties was Dudley Digges, John Digges' Son. Historically Andrew Schreiber (Shriver), is regarded as the first settler of the area now known as Union Township. The Schreibers moved to Pennsylvania in 1721 and settled locally in 1734 on a farm near what is now Christ Church. The Schreibers purchased 100 acres from John Digges and paid for it with 100 pairs of shoes for field hands. In 1752, according to the records, there were forty persons living on tracts sold under the Maryland rights. The years of dispute came to an end with the establishment of the Mason Dixon Line. Early settlement of Union Townships was done primary by persons of German extraction, with some being of of English or Irish descent. The majority of settlers were protestant; the Christ Reformed Church congregation dates to approximately 1745. Many Catholics also migrated north from Maryland; the Conewago Chapel just north of the Union Township line is one of the very early Jesuit Missions among the native Americans. The Littlestown Railroad began in 1875; Sells Station, named after an early settler, was located along the railroad and the Sells Station Post Office operated from 1857 to 1937. There were numerous iron ore beds and lime kilns operating in the township during the mid to late 1800's. In 1898, 4 of the 7 rural schools in Adams County were in Union Township - Basehoar, Valley Grove, Pine Grove, And Chestnut Hill. Other Notable community facilities included the Kitzmiller's Mill, and the Bollinger Grist Mill. The Ducan's Mill located on Sell's Road was popular for making apple butter. Customers would bring fresh apples to the mill and leave with crocks of apple butter.